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Tax season is upon us and you’re probably thinking about what you or your finance team needs to do to file your organization’s annual return.

In general, organizations that are exempt from federal income tax are still required to file annual returns. However, there are a few exceptions. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a detailed list of the types of organizations that are not required to file.

If you’re not one of those lucky organizations who doesn't have to file, don’t fret! Below are resources that help determine what forms are needed, as well as instructions on how to fill them out and complete your return.

  • Forms for Exempt Organizations – The form your organization needs to file typically depends on the organization’s financial activity. As a starting point, this chart can help determine which form your organization needs.
  • Annual Exempt Organization Returns, Notices and Schedules – In addition to the chart above, this form is also an excellent resource to determine form requirements.
  • Forms and Instructions – Once you’ve determined the accurate forms needed, use the instructions on this resource to complete them thoroughly and accurately.
  • When Returns are Due – Make sure you don’t miss an important deadline by referencing these due date tables. You’ll want to have your organization’s tax year-end date handy.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Have more questions? Find answers to some of the most common questions that arise during tax season.

If your organization does not currently hold a tax-exempt status but you feel it may qualify, view these frequently asked questions.


Source: Internal Revenue Service.

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