The Perfect Slice of Social Media Pie

Let’s face it, we all follow those companies on social media that are constantly trying to sell us something. For lack of a better term it can simply be annoying and at times, frustrating to the consumer. This is your opportunity to be different! Before posting anything on social media, you should develop a plan. Once you have established your audience and goals, it’s time to decide how you want to convey your brand on social media. Reminder: your goal is to post with purpose!

To break it down, each social media post should fall under one of three categories:


Inform posts are common on business pages that are trying to sell you something. An informatory post lets the audience know the essential details about a product or a service. Some of these topics would include duration of a sale, product details, or launch.


Posts that are in the assist category are generally creative in that they are made to help the audience answer a question or solve a problem they did not know they had. This could be educational content, blogs, guides, or questionnaires.


Entertainment posts are SO important for balancing your social media. This shows your personal and more genuine side, which is really the main reason people use social media. Entertainment posts usually tell a story, ask questions, have images, and engage your audience in ways that are interesting and appropriate.


There are all sorts of articles and expert opinions on the right amount to post such as 30/60/10 or the 5:3:2 rule, but it all comes down to you and your audience. The best way I can explain it is there can be too much of a good thing. If you’re getting a great amount of engagement on a certain type of post, you can indulge and make that section of the pie a little bigger. Nevertheless, remember, after eating a pie that is all the same kind, people will eventually want a slice of a new flavor. Keep them satisfied and switch up the types of posts you share.

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