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Enhance the Safety of Your Multi-Passenger Van

Many organizations own and regularly utilize multi-passenger vans. While they may seem like a viable transportation method, these vehicles can pose many dangers. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, a 15-passenger van is three times more likely to rollover when 10 or more passengers are on board. This characteristic is due to the vehicle’s higher center of gravity and suspension system. Combining this risk with other factors can lead to a greater possibility of fatality and serious injury when involved in an accident.

One way to enhance the safe use of a multi-passenger vehicle is to consider the Roadmaster Active Suspension System (RAS). These kits are designed to improve road handling and greatly reduce the risk of rollover. Benefits of this product include:

  • Improves driver control, safety and stability;
  • Eliminates sway and reduces roll on corners;
  • Reduces axle wrap and wheel hop;
  • Strengthens rear leaf springs;
  • Absorbs load, rather than resisting it, thereby ensuring a more comfortable ride;
  • Better handling and control in windy and rough road conditions;
  • Easy to install, can be fitted in approximately one hour with no welding or drilling;
  • Secured under its own coil spring tension;
  • User-friendly with no additional adjustments or maintenance after installation;
  • Manufactured from high-grade alloy spring steel; and
  • Minimizes wear on tires, shocks, shackles and leaf springs.

Overall, the RAS improves the vehicle’s stability, handling and safety. By taking advantage of the RAS kit, your organization is being proactive in preventing physical and emotional damages.

RAS kits have been designed especially for vans typically used by many religious organizations, colleges, and schools, and are known as the “G” series kits. These special kits are only available directly from the manufacturer, Roadmaster Active Suspension. For more information and to see a video showing the advantages of this product, visit the Roadmaster Active Suspension website. GuideOne Insurance policyholders qualify to order this kit at a discounted price. To place an order, contact Roadmaster Active Suspension Head Office Sales at 1-800-398-5036. If applicable, be sure to mention that you are a GuideOne customer.

For more information on increasing travel safety, review the Transportation Safeguard Resources on

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