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5 Keys to Lawn Mower Maintenance

Hello Spring! Here in the Midwest, we’re finally starting to see the true signs of spring – longer days, warmer temperatures and everywhere you look, things are turning green, blooming and growing.  This time of year is always so welcome after a long Midwest winter.

With spring growth comes the need to mow the lawn. While there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass and the look of a manicured lawn, the important part a lawn mower plays in making these things a reality is often overlooked.  Instead of just dragging it out of the garage when you need it, properly maintaining your lawn mower will help it run better, and keep your lawn looking its best.  Here are five keys to keeping your mower running well:

  1. Change the oil. At the beginning of each season, change the oil on your lawn mower. Over time, dirt and grass clippings can get trapped in the oil, which is damaging to the engine. Even if on inspection the oil looks clean, an annual change can help keep the engine running as it should.
  2. Inspect the air filter. Twice each year, check your air filter and determine if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. A dirty filter puts added stress on the mower and burns gas less efficiently.  If a cleaning will suffice, take it out and wash with soapy water, and let it dry completely before using. If you need to replace the filter, most replacements are inexpensive, and many professionals recommend an annual replacement to keep the mower running properly.
  3. Inspect the spark plugs. Spark plugs are extremely important to a properly functioning lawn mower, and when they are working like they should, the mower will start more easily.  Consider replacing the spark plugs each year to keep the mower running properly.
  4. Clean out the undercarriage. Grass clippings and dirt can get trapped in the undercarriage, and may clog the discharge chute.  While the gas tank is empty, turn the mower on its side, and use a wire brush to remove any debris.
  5. Schedule a professional tune-up. As with any major piece of equipment, the best way to ensure it stays in proper working order is to schedule regular tune-ups by a professional.  Recommended annually, have a lawn mower repair shop preform a maintenance check on your mower.  This often includes an air filter replacement, spark plug change, gas drain and blade sharpening.

Keep your yard looking its best this season by making sure your lawn mower is in tip top shape.

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