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Safety Resources

We’ve been insuring community organizations for more than 73 years, which means we’ve picked up valuable information about helping you protect yourself, your organization and the people who depend on it. Our resource center includes a wealth of materials featuring safety and security knowledge from our experts and the industry leaders we work with. 

To get started, first choose your organization type, then select from a variety of topics designed to help make your organization more secure.

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Essential Elements Of A Drug-Testing Program

An effective drug-testing program consists of two key elements: (1) a general understanding of illicit drug use and the primary regulation t...

Employer Drug Testing: An Overview

It’s no secret that the use of alcohol and illicit drugs can impair a person’s judgment, dexterity and overall safety. What is shocking ...

Best Practices in Screening and Selection

When it comes to preventing sexual abuse, a zero-tolerance policy is simply not enough. Learn about best practices for screening and selecti...

Tips and Considerations for Installing a New Roof

Download Roof Comparison Brochure

Four Fundamental Tips For Managing Volunteers


Tips and Tricks for Writing a Grant Proposal


Fact Sheet: Key Elements of an Effective Modified Duty Return-to-Work Program

For decades now, research has documented the value of returning an injured worker (IW) to work as soon as possible, even the day of injury. ...

Fact Sheet: The Value of Pre-Employment Medical Screenings

A candidate’s ability to perform the physical demands of a position they have been offered is essential information for hiring decisions. ...

Fact Sheet: Fit for Duty Medical Screening Questions

Pre-employment medical screenings need to be completed after a job offer has been made and prior to the start date. Each screening should be...

Fact Sheet: Workplace Strategies for Avoiding Workers' Compensation Claims

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) working at nursing homes experience some of the highest workplace injury rates in the United States due ...

Fact Sheet: Who's Who Among Regulatory Authorities

Specific to Senior Living Communities   The healthcare industry’s influence spans our lifetime, from our first to our last breath. T...

Fact Sheet: Lifting and Handling Hazards and Solutions in Senior Living Communities

Staff at senior living communities (SLCs) experience some of the highest workplace injury rates of all industries, right up there with manuf...

Fact Sheet: Immunization Program Considerations

Because they’re regularly exposed to patients and/or infectious materials, healthcare personnel (HCP)* are considered to be at substantial...

Dangerous Habits to Kick

Distracted driving comes in many forms. Texting and driving is the most obvious distraction – and the most dangerous – but even seemingl...

Is Pokemon Go a Liability for our Church?

A new trend has hit the streets, literally. Pokémon Go, a new game for iOS and Android devices was released in early July 2016. Developed a...

5 Keys to Lawn Mower Maintenance

Hello Spring! Here in the Midwest, we’re finally starting to see the true signs of spring – longer days, warmer temperatures and everywh...