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Crisis Prevention

Sustainable training for managing difficult situations. 

GuideOne is proud to partner with Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), an organization that provides nonviolent and de-escalation training and certification programs to equip organizations with the skills, confidence and framework to safely manage and prevent difficult behavior.

With its sustainable train-the-trainer model, CPI certifies members of your organization to instruct other members, so you can extend a culture of safety to everyone you serve.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention®

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training is designed to provide your staff with the skills to safely recognize and respond to everyday crisis situations. The training complies with all current legislation and is evidence-based and fully accredited, so your staff can earn continuing education credits.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor Certification Program

Classroom-only or Blended Training Option (3 days)

Participants will learn prevention and verbal de-escalation skills, disengagement safety techniques, physical intervention techniques and more. A risk assessment framework will be provided. (Verbal Intervention training included.)

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention with Advanced Physical Skills Instructor Certification Program

Classroom-only or Blended Training Option (4 days)

Perfect for organizations that work with individuals who exhibit higher risk or complex behaviors, this course builds on NCI principles and helps individuals expand their ability to assess risk, actively problem solve and develop appropriate interventions to safely de-escalate and mitigate crisis situations. (Verbal Intervention training included.)

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Verbal Intervention™

Verbal Intervention training is ideal for organizations that have a hands-off policy for crisis de-escalation, or those that do not experience the kinds of higher-risk situations that warrant physical interventions.

Verbal Intervention Instructor Certification Program

Virtual-only or Blended Training Option (1 day)

Participants will learn prevention and verbal de-escalation skills, limit-setting strategies and safety intervention strategies to de-escalate crisis situations and manage behavior.

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Specialty Add-Ons

Specialty add-ons are available for all Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Verbal Intervention programs. 

Mental Health

The Mental Health specialty add-on provides an effective framework for preventing, de-escalating and safely responding to crisis behavior through the lens of mental health. Participants gain an overview of mental illness, its prevalence in the world, and resources to be person-centered in their practice.


The Trauma specialty add-on is designed for professionals who directly intervene in crisis situations and those who interact with individuals impacted by trauma. This additional training applies the principles of trauma-responsive practice to working with individuals.

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Classroom Culture

Classroom Culture training is designed for school leaders and education professionals interested in fostering a positive culture within each classroom. This training provides practical techniques to implement consistent and sustainable standards that prevent, or mitigate, the need for de-escalation interventions.

Classroom Culture Instructor Certification Program

Virtual-only Option (1-day)

This program provides your teachers and staff with sustainable and practical standards to prevent and mitigate disruptive behaviors—all while fostering positive student/teacher relationships.

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Renewal Training for Recertification

To maintain status as a certified instructor, individuals are required to attend a Renewal Training facilitated by CPI every two years (the renewal cycle begins on the day of original certification). By re-examining course content from the perspective of an active certified instructor, a renewal course offers the opportunity to gain new training insights and develop an even deeper understanding of the program’s core concepts.

CPI provides multiple renewal certification programs for Certified Instructors, with virtual-only and blended training options.

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CPI uses the best practices available for training on the topics of nonviolent crisis prevention and intervention training; however, training is no guarantee of the absolute safety and security of those involved should a violent incident occur.