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Property Sensors

We’re fully committed to helping you proactively prevent property issues before they become a distraction to the good work you and your organization do. We’ve partnered with a company called Roost to provide eligible customers with complimentary Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detectors. These property sensors are designed to identify water leaks, temperature changes or humidity changes and alert you before significant damage takes place, saving your facilities and your budget.

Roost Property SensorHear how the complimentary Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector from GuideOne helped protect this church policyholder.

"Thank you, GuideOne, for blessing our church with the Roost® Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector. When my phone beeped, I was able to immediately assess the situation: our lines had backed up! We turned the water off, alerted the congregation to not use the water or facilities, and got someone out to clean the lines immediately. Since we caught this so quickly, we were able to clean the small portion of carpet ourselves, which saved us money on a professional cleaning. And this was all taken care of before two big church events. I never thought this little device could bring so much comfort." 
- Dawn Morgan, Lisbon United Methodist Church

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